Department of Philosophy

Peking University


Nowadays, More than 200 dissertations and 20 books are published by the faculty every year. In the past five years, the faculty of the Philosophy Department undertook dozens of national and provincial or ministerial level scientific research projects, won more than 30 academic awards above provincial and ministerial level.
In the past 30 years after Reform and Opening-up, a lot of influential academic works have been written by the faculty in the Philosophy Department, such as: Ramble in aesthetics (Zong Baihua), On Logical Empiricism (Hong Qian), Plato’s Dialogues (translation, Wang Taiqing),  Introduction to Mathematical Logics (Wang Xianjun), The Heaven and The Human (Zhang Shiying), Guo Xiang and Philosophy of Wei and Jin Dynasties (Tang Yijie), History of Marxist Philosophy (Huang Nansen), Collation and Interpretation of Wang Bi’s Works(Lou Yulie), Outline of The History of Chinese Aesthetics (Ye Lang), A Research on Marx’s theory of Oriental society and its modern meaning ( Zhang Jiaxiang), The Realm of “Having” and “Non-having” (Chen Lai), Philosophia christianus intra mille et quingenti annos (Philosophy of Christianity in 1500 years, Zhao Dun hua), Tao and Truth (Hu Jun), Research on Philosophy of Religion (Zhang Zhigang), A History of Science (Wu Guosheng), Research on Shi Tao (Zhu Liangzhi), Heidegger and Chinese Tian Tao (Zhang Xianglong),  “Lenin’s Construct” of Scientific System of Dialectics (Wang Dong), etc.