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Section of Foreign Philosophy

  • Xinjian SHANG
  • Professor
  • Email: shangxinjian@pku.edu.cn
  • Education: PhD, Peking University, 2000
  • Areas of Research:Early Modern Philosophy and Enlightenment Moral Philosophy Ameraican Pragmatic Philosophy Metaphilosophy

Xinjian Shang, Chinese. 1953-present,Born in Beijing. Higher Education: BA,MA,PhD,at Peking University(with dissertation on "The American Secularized Religion and William James' Radical Empiricism", 2000). Interstes: Early Modern Philosophy and Enlightenment, Moral Philosophy, Ameraican Pragmatic Philosophy, Metaphilosophy.

Selected Publications

Xinjian Shang: The American Secularized Religion and William James'Radical Empiricism, Shanghai People's Pubshing House, 2002.