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Section of Foreign Philosophy

  • Chaojie LI
  • Associate Professor
  • Email: chaojieli@hotmail.com
  • Education: PhD, Peking University, 1992
  • Areas of Research:History of Philosophy, German Philosophy, Philosophy of Life, Hermeneutics.

1978-1982,Philosophy Department,Hebei University,B. Philosophy;

1987-1989,Foreign Philosophy Institute,Peking University,Ph. D;

1992--,Foreign Philosophy Institute,Philosophy Department,Peking University.

Selected Courses

Introduction to Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy, Contemporary; Western Philosophy, Philosophy and Life, Dilthey'a Philosophy,Freud's Philosophy, Nietzsche's Philosophy

Selected Publications

Chaojie Li: Spirit of modern Western Philosophy, The Commercial Press, 2017.
Chaojie Li: Spirit of Philosophy, The Commercial Press, 2013.
Chaojie Li: Spirit of Contemporary Philosophy, The Commercial Press, 2009.
Chaojie Li: Understanding Life: An Introduction to Dilthey’s Philosophy, Central Compilation & Translation Press, 1994.
Chaojie Li: Kant’s Transcendental Philosophy and Wang Yangming’s Conscience Theory, German Philosophy, 2016: 66-83, 2017.