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Section of Foreign Philosophy

  • Yuzhou WANG
  • Assistant Professor
  • Email: yuzhouw@pku.edu.cn
  • Areas of Research:Ethics of science and technology, bioethics, and moral epistemology


Yuzhou Wang is an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at Peking University. He received his PhD at Bowling Green State University. The core of his research is in ethics of science and technology, bioethics, and moral epistemology.

Email: yuzhouw@pku.edu.cn



Yuzhou, Wang, 2020. “Problems with Rowland’s Practical Conciliationism.” Philosophia 48, 1639–1648

Yuzhou, Wang, 2016. “Reasons and Feelings in Moral Judgments: Reconciling Kant’s Deontology and Hume’s Sentimentalism via Utilitarianism,” Dialogue-Journal of Phi Sigma Tau, vol.58, no.2-3 122-129.