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Invitation to the First National Congress of Medieval Philosophy

Dear Distinguished Guests,

We are honored to announce that the National Professional Committee on Medieval Philosophy was approved by China National Society of Foreign Philosophy History and founded on 21 October 2017. In order to promote the Medieval Philosophy study in Chinese-speaking academia, this newly founded professional committee and Dept. Philosophy will jointly hold the first National Congress on 2-3 June 2018 in Peking University. We sincerely invite all interested academics to participate and present your research underneath the theme of “The Diverse Traditions of Medieval Philosophy”. The relevant topics will be as follows:

(1) Medieval Byzantine-Greek philosophical tradition (inclusive Greek godfather philosophy)

(2) Latin philosophical tradition in medieval West (from Latin Godfather philosophy to late scholastic tradition)

(3) Medieval Arab philosophical tradition

(4) Medieval Jewish philosophical tradition

(5) Interaction between different philosophical traditions in the Middle Ages

(6) The ancient philosophical tradition in medieval philosophy

(7) The spread and acceptance of medieval philosophy in modern Europe

(8) The spread and reception of medieval philosophy in China (from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the present)

       (9) Contemporary influence of medieval philosophy

We expect your contribution of papers. The detailed info will be updated:

Time: 2-3 June 2018

Venue: Peking University (specific venue is TBD)

Program: Registration on 1 June 2018; conference on 2-3 June 2018

Expense: The travel expense will on participants’ own duty. The conference will provide three-night accommodation (1-4 June) and meals during the event.

Requirement: The participants are expected to submit a paper (WORD format) before 1 May 2018. The outstanding ones will be recommended to 《哲学动态》、《外国哲学》、《古典与中世纪研究》

Participant Receipts: Please email the participant receipt to Dr. HUI Hui (

Contact Persons:

Dr. WU Tianyue, mobile: 13488868298, email:

Dr. HUI Hui, mobile: 13691138275, email:

We looking forwarding to your attendance!

Chinese National Professional Committee on Medieval Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, Peking University

8th January 2018