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The Department is keen to maintain its balance in the growth of all of its subdisciplines of philosophy. It can claim abundant achievements in Chinese philosophy, Western philosophy, Marxist philosophy, religious studies, ethics, aesthetics, logic, philosophy of science, and so on, and promotes cooperation among its different sub-faculties. The Department has been ranked number one in all the past national subject evaluations (in Philosophy) organized by the Ministry of Education of China. It is ranked 41 in the 2018 QS World University Ranking by Subject (Philosophy). 


There are more than 10 research bodies affiliated to the Department, including the Institute of Foreign Philosophy, the Aesthetics and Aesthetic Education Research Center, the Confucian Canon Compilation and Research Center, the Confucian Studies Institute, the Religious Culture Research Institute, the Marxist Philosophy Research Center, the Analytical Research Center, the Political Philosophy Research Center, the Logic, Language and Cognitive Science Research Center, the Science and Society Research Center. These institutes promoting interdisciplinary collaboration have won a growing visibility and reputation for the Department all over the world.