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Initiation Ceremony of Beijing XXIV World Congress of Philosophy (WCP 2018) and International Seminar of Learning to be Human Held in PKU

With one year before the 24th World Congress of Philosophy (WCP 2018) - Learning to be Human, the initiation ceremony was held on 13-14 August 2017 in Peking University, and so was the International Seminar of “Learning to be Human”. Academics from both domestic and oversea attended the event and had fruitful discussion, which represents the kick-off of the overall preparation for Beijing WCP 2018.

Seminar of “Learning to be Human”

This event was hosted by PKU, Secretariat of the WCP General Assembly and Dept. of Philosophy. It is supposed to trigger the official preparation and raise public visibility of 24th WCP, which is to be held in August 2018 Beijing. The seminar concentrated on the diverse researches in Philosophy and Humanity, aiming to enhance the academic communication between Chinese and international Philosophy.

Initiation Ceremony of Beijing WCP 2018: Opening the door of philosophy

(From left to right: Mr. Riccardo Pozzo, Mr. LIN Jianhua, Mr. Dermot Moran, Mr. HAN Qide, Mr. HAO Ping, and Mr. Luca M. Scarantino)

Speech from Mr. Dermot Moran

Speech from Mr. Luca M. Scarantino

Speech from PKU President, Mr. LIN Jianhua

The event was held in Yingjie Center英杰交流中心and moderated by Prof. WANG Bo, who is also the PKU Vice-President and Executive-Director of Beijing 2018 WCP Executive Committee. The PKU President, Prof. LIN Jianhua expressed gratitude of being the 24th WCP’s host and warm appreciation for the support from Philosophy society. “The collisions of philosophical thoughts will encourage us to concentrate on more vital topics such as, oneself, society, nature, spirit and tradition, etc.”, said him.

The President of International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) Mr. Dermo Moran and Secretary Mr. Luca M. Scarantino gave speeches. They introduced the history of FISP and WCP as well as its relationship with China. The special guest, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese National Political Consultative Conference, Mr. HAN Qide, was also invited to this ceremony and gave his speech on the importance of multivariate philosophical communication facing the scientific progress and humanistic care.

After the ceremony, International Seminar of “Learning to be Human” continued with five keynote speeches. Distinguished Prof. ZHANG Shiying gave the speech discussing the communication and integration of Chinese and Western philosophy. “It’s the very first time that WCP held in China”, said him, “and it shows the importance of dialogue between Chinese philosophy and international society”.

Speech from PKU Vice-President, Prof. WANG Bo

The WCP was started by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) from 1900. It is among the largest, the highest academic level and the most open conference on Philosophy. The 24th Beijing WCP will be the second occasion that WCP comes to Asia. With the very theme of “Learning to be Human”, this conference will host 8 Symposia sessions and 99 Society sessions 8场专题讲座及 99场分组会议, inviting distinguished philosophers from overall the world. China will not only provide the venue, but also contribute the oriental spiritual reflections over thousands of years’ and academic exploration in the past ten decades. Global philosophers will gather, communicate and share in Beijing.

Group photo