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The 7th "philosophy and curiosity" luncheon was held in PKU


On 9th, the 7th "philosophy and curiosity" luncheon was held at B114, building 2, Lee Shau-kee Humanities, PKU. The keynote speaker is new assistant professor Lu qiaoying from the department of philosophy. The theme is Science or Philosophy? -- A case study of the missing heritability problem.



The work of a philosopher is often remembered as solitary and profound. However, in the field of philosophy of science, especially in the philosophy of biology, the difference between science and philosophy is not so obvious. Biological philosophers do conceptual analysis of problems within biology, which is often closer to theoretical biology. Lu's report focuses on one of the hot issues in genetics -- "the mystery of the disappearance of heritability", that is, the heritability obtained by traditional quantitative genetics is much higher than that obtained by genome-wide association analysis (GWAS). Lu's report analyzes and compares the traditional quantitative genetics and GWAS methods to calculate the inheritance rate, and pointes out that the traditional methods do not exclude some non-additive factors, so the inheritance rate is overestimated. GWAS, on the other hand, focuses only on DNA molecules and ignores the epigenetic genes that cause phenotypic variation, thus underestimating the rate of inheritance. The work is also recognized by the scientific community.