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4.27&30: Eric Watkins's Lecture Series





讲座信息 (共计2场讲座)


First Lecture:


●  Lecture Topic:

Kant on the Unconditioned


●  Lecture Time:

2022.4.27   9:00


Second Lecture:


●  Lecture Topic:

Kant’s Criticism of Metaphysics


●  Lecture Time:

2022.4.30   9:00




1、Kant on the Unconditioned

    In “Kant on the Unconditioned”, I argue that the principle Kant identifies as the Supreme Principle of Reason, if properly understood, is neither false nor unjustified, as is typically thought, but rather a principle that one should accept on the basis of a compelling argument. In this paper I describe the Supreme Principle, clarify its meaning, reconstruct the argument that supports it, and show how one can understand how it can be false if applied to appearances in the wrong way. As a result, according to this interpretation, the transcendental illusion that tempts metaphysicians to draw their mistaken conclusions is based not in the fact that the Supreme Principle is false, but rather in the improper use that is made of it.   


2、Kant’s Criticism of Metaphysics

    In “Kant’s Criticism of Metaphysics”, I argue for an original reading of one line of argument that Kant uses against the claims of traditional metaphysics. Specifically, while Kant may have a number of reasons for thinking that we cannot cognize the objects of traditional metaphysics (God, the immortality of the soul, and the world as a totality), I argue that he also thinks that we cannot relate the concepts to these objects in the way that is required for cognition because we are unable to show that the properties that constitute the being of these objects could be exhibited in such a way that we could be aware of them. In short, if cognition must render intelligible the being of objects that we can be aware of, then Kant is arguing that we are unable to achieve this kind of understanding for God, freedom, and the immortality of the soul.