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Section of Aesthetics

  • Xiao OUYANG
  • Assistant Professor
  • Email: ouyang.xiao@pku.edu.cn
  • Education: PhD, National University of Ireland, 2016
  • Areas of Research:Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art; Comparative Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy; Kantian Philosophy


Dr Xiao Ouyang (欧阳霄) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Peking University, China. He was a tenured Associate Professor at Wuhan University, China, and an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Cork, Ireland, where he also completed his PhD. He mainly works on comparative philosophy and is interested in various topics in aesthetics & philosophy of art, ethics, and political and social philosophy. In particular, he enjoys conceptual analysis in aesthetic discourses, cross-cultural studies of everyday aesthetics and anything about the philosophy of music. He is writing a book tentatively titled Analytic Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: An Introduction from Comparative Perspective (in Chinese, under contract with Peking University Press). Besides academic work, he devotes himself to Chinese classical arts such as poetry, calligraphy, painting and literati music.

Selected Courses

Current Courses: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (Analytic Approach); Philosophies of Arts -Classic Readings in the East and the West.

Past Courses: Western Aesthetics; Chinese Philosophy; Introduction to Philosophy; Political Philosophy.

Selected Publications

Xiao Ouyang, trans. 2023. 成人之道:儒家角色伦理论人 (Human Becomings: Theorizing Persons for Confucian Role Ethics, by Roger T. Ames). 北京大学出版社Peking University Press.

Xiao Ouyang, 2023. "Investigation of Things: Reflecting on Chinese-Western Comparative Everyday Aesthetics." In Comparative Everyday Aesthetics: Studies in Contemporary Living, edited by Eva K W Man and Jeffrey Petts, 73-88. Amsterdam University Press.

Xiao Ouyang, 2023. “Gewu: Investigation of Things.” In The Cross-Cultural Philosopher's Toolkit, edited by Sarah Flavel and Chiara Robbiano, 77-84. Bloomsbury Academic Press.

Xiao Ouyang, Tiziana Andina, eds. 2022. Rivista di Estetica (Rethinking through Art: East and West). No.80 (2/2022).

Xiao Ouyang, 2022. "What Makes an Artwork Beautiful?" In Introduction to Philosophy: Aesthetic Theory and Practice, edited by Valery Vino, 77-92. The Rebus Community.

Xiao Ouyang, 2021. "试以朱熹心性论思想解析<谿山琴况> '声中求静’琴乐美学命题." ("Seeking Tranquility in Music": A Neo-Confucian Interpretation) 中国哲学史 History of Chinese Philosophy, No.4, 2021, pp. 66-73.

Xiao Ouyang, 2021. "What is Confucian Meritocracy - A Clarification in Cross-cultural Translation." Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies, MS 69.1 (2021), pp. 1-12.

Martin Schonfeld, Xiao Ouyang, eds. 2021. Journal of Global Ethics (Special Issue: China's Model of Global Development), vol.16, 2020.

Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Xiao Ouyang, eds. 2020. The Annotated Critical Laozi: With Contemporary Explication and Traditional Commentary. Brill Press.

Xiao Ouyang, 2020. "迈向中西比较的开放性诠释语境: 卡斯帕·大卫·弗里德里希艺术风格研究." (Towards an Opening Hermeneutic Context for Chinese-Western Comparative Studies: An Investigation of Caspar David Friedrich's Style) 艺术设计研究 Art and Design Research, No.5, 2020, pp. 113-122.

Xiao Ouyang, 2019. "Towards Moral Teleology - a Comparative Study of Kant and Zhu Xi." Rivista di Estetica, No. 72 (3/2019), pp. 123-148.

Xiao Ouyang, 2019. "Review: Iddo Landau: Finding Meaning in an Imperfect World." The Journal of Value Inquiry, Volume 54 (2020), pp.145-149.

Xiao Ouyang, 2018. "众乐之统 — 论古琴的‘超越性’进化." (The Way to Supremacy: A Historical Study on the Formation of the Supra-musicology of Guqin) 音乐探索 Explorations In Music: Journal of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, No.4, 2018, pp.64-75.

Xiao Ouyang, 2018. "Rethinking Comparative Philosophical Methodology: In Response to Weber's Criticism." Philosophy East and West, Issue 68:1, pp. 242-256.

Xiao Ouyang, 2017. "From Lloyd's Analogy to a Proposal of Hermeneutic Mechanism in Light of Comparative Philosophy." Australasian Philosophical Review, Vol.1.3, pp.319-330.

Xiao Ouyang, 2017. "Van Gulik's The Lore of the Chinese Lute Revisited," Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies, MS 65.1(2017), pp. 147-174.

Awards and Honors

Visiting Professor, University of Turin, Italy, 2021

Visiting Research Fellow of Ustinov College, Durham University, UK, 2018

Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, Ireland, 2016-2018

Academic Services

2023-present, Executive Director, Académie du Midi - Institute for Philosophy

2016-2018, Committee Member of Research Staff Association, University College Cork