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Section of Chinese Philosophy

  • Kai ZHENG
  • Professor
  • Office:216
  • Email: zhengkai@pku.edu.cn
  • Education: PhD, Peking University, 1999
  • Areas of Research:Chinese Philosophy & Religions esp. Philosophical Taoism and Confucianism in Early China. And compartive Philosophy Between Chinese Tradition of Metaphysics and Ancient Greek Metaphysics.

Kai ZHENG, Male, born in Inner Mongolia on 28, Jan, 1965. He received Ph.D. at PKU in 1999 and is now a professor at Department of PKU. Teaching & Studing on Chinese Philosophy.

Selected Courses

Chinese Phliosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Zhuangzi, Tought and Philology in Early China,etc.

Selected Publications

Kai Zheng: A Study on Taoist Metaphysics, Renmin University Press, 2018.
Kai Zheng: Lectures on Zhuangzi Philosophy, Guangxi Renmin Press, 2016.
Kai Zheng: Between DE and Li:A Histoy during Pre-Confucius Era, San Lien Book Store, 2009.
Kai Zheng: The Theoretical Characteristics of Daoist Metaphysics: A Discussion centered on the "Meaning of the Dao or Way and its Power", Social Sciences In China (SSCP) (11):179-203, 2017.
Kai Zheng: Ontology and Metaphysics in Chinese Phylosophy, Frontiers of Philosophy in China 12(3): 408-428, 2017.