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Section of Logic

  • Yanjing WANG
  • Associate Professor (Tenured)
  • Office:Lee Shau Kee Humanities Buildings (李兆基人文学苑) No. 2, Room 241
  • Email: y.wang@pku.edu.cn
  • Homepage: https://wangyanjing.com
  • CV: CVYanjingWang
  • Education: PhD, University of Amsterdam/CWI (2010)
  • Areas of Research: Different kinds of knowledge, their representations and logics; Epistemic Logic, Dynamic Logic, and their combinations; Multi-agent systems; Formal semantics; `Mechanism design’ in academia; Other things that satisfy my curiosity.

Yanjing Wang obtained his Ph.D. in logic from the University of Amsterdam in 2010. He is currently a full professor of logic and vice-chair of the Department of Philosophy of Peking University. His research mainly focuses on modal logic and its applications in philosophy, theoretical computer science, and AI. He has published more than 60 English papers in leading international journals and top conference proceedings on logic, philosophy, and AI, such as The Review of Symbolic Logic, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Synthese, Artificial Intelligence, Advances in Modal Logic, TARK, IJCAI, AAMAS.


In particular, Yanjing Wang is promoting a new research program of logics of knowing how, knowing why, knowing who, and so on. This also inspired him to propose a new class of well-behaved fragments of first-order modal logic by packing a quantifier and a modality together. He is currently the secretary-general of the modern logic chapter of the Chinese Society of Logic, and a committee member of the mathematical logic chapter of the Chinese Mathematical Society.


For more information, check the personal homepageResearch gate linkgoogle scholar page, and DBLP page. His Erdős number is 3

Selected Courses

Advanced Modal Logic; Epistemic Logic; Logical Dynamics; Language, Logic, and Computation; Logic in Philosophy, Math, and Computer Science; Introduction to Logic

Selected Projects

Beyond "knowing that": non-standard epistemic logics (in terms of research not grant)

Selected Publications

Yanjing Wang, Yu Wei, Jeremy Seligman: Quantifier-free Epistemic Term-Modal Logic with Assignment Operator, in Annals of Pure and Applied Logic: 173(3), 103071

Yanjing Wang: A logic of goal-directed knowing how, Synthese 195 (10): 4419-4439. 2018

Yanjing Wang: Beyond knowing that: a new generation of epistemic logics, in Jaakko Hintikka on
knowledge and game theoretical semantics, 499-533, (2018) Springer

Yanjing Wang: A new modal framework for epistemic logic. in Proceedings of TARK 2017: 493-512

Yanjing Wang and Qinxiang Cao, On axiomatizations of Public Announcement Logic. Synthese
190(1S): 103-134 (2013)

Yanjing Wang, Jie Fan: Knowing that, Knowing what, and Public Communication: Public Announcement Logic with Kv Operators, in Proceedings of IJCAI 2013: 1147-1154. AAAI press.

Yanjing Wang and Yanjun Li (2012), Not all those who wander are lost: dynamic epistemic reasoning in navigation, in Advances in Modal Logic Vol. 9, pp.559-580 (2012), College publications

Awards and Honors

Beth Scholarship, The Netherlands 2004-2006
National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals, China, 2015
New Zealand Centre Visiting Research Fellowship, New Zealand, 2017
National Program for Support of Leading Scholars in Philosophy and Social Sciences, China, 2020

Academic Services

Associate Editor of Journal of Philosophical Logic

PC member: LORI13, LORI15, AAMAS15, TARK15, LOFT16, KR16, IJCAI16, ICLA17, WoLLIC18, AiML20, LORI21...

PC Chair: National Conference on Modern Logic 15, 16

Reviewer: AAMAS, CSL, LICS, KR, TARK, ICLA, LORI, ACM ToCL, JANCL, Studia Logica, Synthese, JLC, RSL, Artificial Intelligence, JPL, JoLLI...

Program Scheduler of 24th World Congress of Philosophy (1000 sessions 5000+ talks)