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Section of Marxist Philosophy

  • Ziyi FENG
  • Professor
  • Email: fzygry@sina.com
  • Education: MA, Peking University, 1984
  • Areas of Research:My research covers the history of Marxism philosophy, theory of social development and theory of globalization etc.

Curriculum Vitae


Feng Ziyi was born in Ying county of Shanxi province in People’s Republic of China in 1955. He attained a bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in 1982 and a master’s degree from Peking University in 1984. He is currently professor of Boya Lecture and doctoral supervisor in the Department of philosophy, Peking University, as well as director of the Center for Marxist Philosophy, Peking University. He is also vice chairman of the Beijing Federation of Social Sciences, president of Chinese Hominology Academy, and executive director of the Chinese Academy of History of Marxist Philosophy. He has been nominated as a candidate for cross-century talents of the Ministry of Education and a candidate for the "Hundred People Project" in Beijing. He holds the post of chief expert in the central Marxist theory and construction project of compiling the textbook"Marxist Philosophy" .

Areas of Research: The history of Marxism philosophy, theory of social development and theory of globalization etc.



Selected Publications


I. Works:

1.   Theoretical Basis of Modernization-Research on Marx's Theory of Modern Social Development, Beijing Normal University Press, 2017.

2.   Study on Marxist Theory of Social Development, Beijing Normal University Press, 2012.

3.   The Philosophy of Social History Towards Reality: The Contemporary Value of Marx's Theory of Social History, Wuhan University Press, 2010.

4.   The Call and Response of Development: Social Development from the Perspective of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University Press, 2009.

5.   Reflection and Exploration of Development, Renmin University Press of China, 2006.

6.   Contradiction and Exploration in the Process of Modernization, Beijing Press, 1999.

7.   The Theory and Practice of Globalization: From a Perspective of Marxism, Co-authored, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2017.

8.   Global Review of Social Development, co-author, Beijing Normal University Press, 2017.

9.   Marxist Philosophy (key textbook for Marxist theoretical Research and Construction Engineering, participatory writing, as one of the chief experts), Higher Education Publishing House, People's Publishing House, 2009.

10.   Ten lectures on Marxist philosophy (for cadres of Party and government, edited by the Theoretical Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China).

11.   A Theory on Subject, co-authored, Peking University Press, 2004.

12.   Historical Investigation and Contemporary Significance of Marx's Theory of Oriental Society, co-author, Higher Education Press, 2002.

13.   Marx's Theory of World History and Globalization, co-author, People's Publishing House, 2002.

14.   Research on Modern Western Values, co-authored by Renmin University Press of China, 1993.

15.   New Vision: A New Probe into Philosophy of Das Kapital, co-authored, Renmin University Press of China, 1990.

16.   Album of Study and Practice of the Scientific Development Concept in Depth, editor-in-chief, Renmin University Press of China, 2005.

17.   Theoretical Vision-Philosophy, editor-in-chief, Guizhou Publishing House, 2003.

18.   Concise Reader of Marxism, co-authored, People's Publishing House, 2018.


Ⅱ. Translations:

1.   New concept of Development, co-translated, Huaxia Publishing House, 1987.

2.  Theory of Civilization and Society, co-translated, Zhejiang People's Publishing House, 1989.

3.   Sociology of Power, co-translated, Sanlian Bookstore, 1992.


III. Papers:

He has published more than 200 papers since teaching, many of which have been reprinted in full text by Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest and so on. The main articles published in recent years include:

1.   New Characteristics of Contemporary Cultural Development, Journal of Peking University, 2018(02).

2.   Marxist Philosophical Innovation from Perspective of Discourse System Construction, Philosophical Studies, 2017(07).

3.   The Methodological Consciousness of the Study of Classical Texts, Marxist theoretical Studies, 2017(04).

4.   Cultural Development in the Perspective of Social Development, Learning and Exploration, 2017(03).

5.   The Contemporary Value of the Critical Function of Political Economy, Chinese Social Sciences, 2016(10).

6.   Humanistic Examination of Economic Development of the New Normal, Shandong Social Sciences, 2016(01).

7.   “New Popular Philosophy" Needs to Highlight the Characteristic of "New". Philosophical Studies, 2015(09).

8.   Philosophical Consciousness of the Chinese Road—the Contemporary Significance of Practical Materialism, Journal of Peking University, 2015(04).

9.   The Presentation and Unique Role of Historical Materialism in Das Kapital, Social Sciences of Chinese Colleges and Universities, 2015(06).

10.   Rethinking the Trend of Capital Accumulation and Narrowing of the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor—Inspired by “Das Kapital in the 21st Century”, New Horizon, 2015(05).

11.   Methodological Consciousness in Deepening the Study of the History of Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Social Sciences, 2014(11).

12.   The Opportunity Issue from the Perspective of Social Development, Philosophical Studies, 2014(03).

13.   Historical Materialism and the Theme of Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Social Sciences, 2012(03).

14.   Research on Questions and Choice of Paths, Philosophical Dynamics, 2013(03).

15.   Globalization and New changes in Contemporary Social Development, the Theoretical Front of Colleges and Universities, 2012(08).

16.   The theme of Historical materialism and Marxist philosophy, Chinese Social Sciences, 2012(03).

17.   Social Development and Structural Transformation, Journal of Southwest University, 2012(04).

18.   Several issues on the Yardstick of Social Progress, Research on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, 2012(06).

19.   Social Development and Construction of Modern Ration, Learning and Exploration, 2012(01).

20.   Deepening the Study of the Law of Lateral Development of Society, Philosophy Research, 2011(11).


His publications have won the 4th Wu Yuzhang Excellence Award in Humanities and Social Sciences, the Second Prize for the 7th Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, and the 4th, 6th and 10th Outstanding Achievement Awards in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Beijing.


IV. Scientific research projects:

        He has successively undertaken many projects, such as the general and major projects of the National Social Science Fund, the Cross-Century Talents Project of the Ministry of Education, the major projects of Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education and the "Cultivation Project of 100 Experts " of Beijing and so on.