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Section of Marxist Philosophy

  • Haifeng YANG
  • Professor
  • Office:Lee Shau Kee Humanities Buildings (李兆基人文学苑) No. 2, Room 227
  • Email: yanghaifeng02@163.com
  • Education: PhD, Nanjing University, 2002
  • Areas of Research:Marxist philosophy philosophy of Western Marxism Critical Theory.

Selected Courses

Study of Western Marxsim, the History of Marxist Philosophy.

Selected Publications

Haifeng Yang: Philosophy of Das Kapital, Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, 2017.
Haifeng Yang: The Logic of Western Marxism, Peking University Press, 2010.
Haifeng Yang: Praxis Philosophy and Hegemony:the contemporary understanding of Gramsci's philosophy, Peking University Press, 2009.
Haifeng Yang: the Mirror of Sign: the Textological Reading of early Jean Baudrillard, Central Compilation and Translation Press, 2004.
Haifeng Yang: The Logical Differences between On Capital and The Outline of a Crtitique of Political Economy, Philosophical Researches (8): 10-17, 2016.