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Section of Philosophy of Science and Technology

  • Huajie LIU
  • Professor
  • Office:Lee Shau Kee Humanities Buildings (李兆基人文学苑) No. 2, Room 234
  • Email: huajie@pku.edu.cn
  • Education: PhD, Renmin University of China, 1994
  • Areas of Research:Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Cultures of Natural History, SSK.

Liu Huajie was born in Tonghua, Jilin Province of China. He completed a BA in Geology at Peking University (1988), his MA (1991) and PhD (1994) in Philosophy at Renmin Univerity of China. 
Huajie’s chief research is in philosophy of nonlinear science (chaos theory), SSK, historiography of science, and culture of natural history. He is the author or editor of many books, including Semantics and Philosophy of Chaos, Fractal Art, Readings in Science Communication, Living as a Naturalist, Landscapes that Can Be Seen, What’s Worshiped in Temple Are Not Only Buddha, Alternative Science in China, In the Name of Science, Scanning Science: A 1.2th Standpoint, Personal Encounters with Plants, Botanical Journey in Hawaii. Huajie is the co-editor of Chinese Journal of Natural History.

Selected Courses

Introduction to Philosophy of Science, Introduction to Science Communication, Historiographical Theory and Methodology of Natural History.

Selected Publications

Huajie Liu: Instability, Modus ponens and uncertainty of deduction, Frontiers of Philosophy in China 1(4):658-674, 2006.
Huajie Liu: Geometrization of nature, crisis of science and natural history, Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 47(3): 64-73, 2010, http://ishare.iask.sina.com.cn/f/9732434.html.
Huajie Liu: The Semantics and Philosophy of Chaos, Hunan Education Press, 1998.
Huajie Liu: Alternative Science in China, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2004.