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Overview of the Undergraduate Program

Our Vision

Through academic training in philosophy, students are encouraged to carry out philosophical thinking and investigation to examine their own lives in a rational way, and pay attention to major issues affecting human destiny.



BA. in Philosophy, Philosophy (Philosophy of Science and Logic), and Religion



Students are required to complete four categories of courses within four years:

Public courses, Core courses, Elective courses, Liberal arts education



The main teaching approach of the curriculum is lecture-based classes with small group discussions. This approach strengthens the importance of close reading of classic texts and guides students to initiative thinking, forming their own way of thinking and awareness of questioning during communication.


Provides a good philosophy education for all other students at PKU. The Department of Philosophy offers several core courses for general education, such as “Western Political Thoughts”, “Confucius and Lao-Zi”, and “Intensive Reading of the Classics: Four Books”. These courses have played an important role in the college’s general education.


Actively promotes the construction of interdisciplinary projects. For nearly a decade, the Department of Philosophy, History, and Chinese Literature as well as other departments have jointly organized the projects of Chinese Classical and Western Classical Studies. Since 2017, the Department of Philosophy has cooperated with other departments, such as the Department of Sociology, to run the program of “Thought and Society,” which have had a wide impact both inside and outside PKU.